Tribute to Italian language through the Opera

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Tribute to Italian language through the Opera

In celebration of Italian Language in the World Week under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, the Embassy of Italy in Muscat will host an evening of Italian Opera at the Al Bustan Palace Ritz-Carlton Hotel on October 20th 2015 under the auspices of H.E. Mohammad Al Zubair, Advisor to H.M. Sultan Qaboos bin Said for Economic Planning Affairs. Presented by Bank of Beirut, the specially selected programme, an homage to the universal love of Italian opera, titled, “Dal Deserto Al Mar – From the Desert to the Sea” will be performed by artists from Italy’s renowned and greatly admired Teatro Sociale di Como.

“The Italian language and music are intertwined in a unique and fruitful relationship. From the sixteenth century onwards Italian music has spread throughout Europe and beyond. Over the centuries Italy has emerged as a world leader in the field of music, a role that it has enjoyed to the present day. In many, perhaps even most languages of the world today, several words used in the realm of music are Italian words. Some are found in the names of musical instruments. Many words used to describe different kinds of music or singing, such as capriccio, aria, fantasia, fuga, sinfonia, as well as adagio, allegro, presto, are obviously Italian. This is also true of words for different categories of opera singers, such as the tenore or baritono or soprano,” explained HE Paola Amadei, Ambassador of Italy to Oman.

“Opera was born in Italy and is considered one of its richest cultural traditions, providing an extraordinary platform for the outstanding expressiveness and peerless passion of the Italian language. Through this evening which promises the magical enchantment of music, the Italian Embassy in Muscat is delighted to pay tribute to the natural lyricism, poetry and passion of the Italian language, sharing its wondrous and glorious possibilities. The experience will leave the audience with an inspiring appreciation of the immense beauty of our language.”

“Dal Deserto Al Mar: From the Desert to the Sea” will take the audience on a truly wonderful journey, from comedy and romance to passion and tragedy, with arias and duets from Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore; Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Cosi Fan Tutte; Puccini’s Turnadot and Madame Butterfly; Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana; as well as Verdi’s Don Carlo, La Traviata and Rigoletto.

Magnificently displaying their operatic talents during the evening will be accomplished artists from the Teatro Sociale di Como: Marigona Qerkezi (Soprano), Cinzia Chiarini (Mezzosoprano), Ugo Tarquini (Tenor), Andrea Porta (Baritone), and Giorgio Martano (Pianist). Teatro Sociale di Como is an opera

house that uniquely combines innovation and tradition and has launched the careers of many distinguished opera singers.

Dal Deserto Al Mar: From the Desert to the Sea comes to Muscat because of the generous support of the Bank of Beirut, Amouage, The Sultan’s School, Al Nahdha, Federici Stirling Batco, FATA and the Al Bustan Palace Ritz-Carlton Hotel.


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