PART vows to uphold Omani culture and heritage

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PART vows to uphold Omani culture and heritage


MUSCAT: Dr Abdullah bin Nasser al Harrasi, Chairman of Public Authority for Radio and Television (PART), confirmed in a press conference held at PART headquarters on Wednesday that “the originality and pride in our history and the documentation of Omani identity were taken into account when Oman new television brand was launched”.
Dr. Al Harrasi explained that the new brand based essentially on “Identity Brand Pledge” which says “We pledge to be a source of inspiration for the Omani people and the world as a whole. We will tell our stories and share different points of view by opening the door to dialogue and to expand the scope of community participation. We will seek to reflect the dreams and aspirations of every individual in the Sultanate of Oman. “
He added that the first element of the identity brand pledge is to present a content that takes into consideration the TV viewers and their ideas, in addition to follow up the latest development in events that parallels the making of story and the event.
Dr. Al Harrasi said the second element of the identity brand pledge is reflected in the values and beliefs, which take into account the width of the horizon and inclusiveness which is represented in the display of opinion in Oman through respect and inclusiveness for all members of the Omani society, and to promote mutual understanding.
He added that the Cultural Channel runs from a clear view through the introduction and protection of Omani cultural identity and the preservation of the Omani cultural, scientific, artistic and musical heritage.
The channel aims to present the Omani cultural treasures represented in the Omani literary, scientific and artistic heritage of Omani scholars, consolidate the construction of historical identity of Oman and its cultural heritage, Dr. Al Harrasi said. Tistorical identity of Oman with geography is stretched throughout its history, he pointed out. Dr. Al Harrasi added that the channel will take care of reproducing the history of Oman and its events in the media as well as shed light on all aspects of culture and its development in Oman and on the Arab and international levels.
The January program of Oman TV General Channel will include various programmes and shows like, Calendar, Oman in a Week and Morning Coffee (Qahwat alsabah) among others.
The Cultural Channel will presents a range of programmes that deals with folk poetry by highlighting poets, in addition to interviews with folk poets.
The Cultural Channel also includes talk show programmes on the local and Arab cultural scene, Omani Encyclopedia programme that documents with images various Omani places , and reports of landmarks and cultural topics. The Sports Channel will include a number of programmes like sports newsletter, sport event.