Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club Triumphs

Monday 28th, December 2015 / 18:43 Written by
Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club Triumphs

540480By Maurice Gent — I now know what enthusiasm really is. Listen to the plaudits and praise when the devoted disciples of the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club applaud their heroes and show their deep enthusiasm and joy. All their body movements meet in a symphony of joy and enthusiasm.  I have never felt such an outsider in the whole of my life. In the end I could do nothing but sit back and play the observer.
True the music was harmonious, full of power and joy. The enthusiasm was visible in the movement of body and the instrument. It was truly an Ode to Joy applauded by both expatriates and  Omanis alike.
The concert was ideal for an end of the year performance for all spectators could forget their daily trials 540484and troubles joining in this vigorous high powered praise to the joy and satisfaction that many can find in uninhibited music pouring out the joy of being on this earth whatever maybe the latest trials and tribulations.
My reflection was that given the history of the ROHM with His Majesty being a real and strong driving force the tendency might be to search for exclusivity. In fact the opposite has been the case with the focus being on high standards in many different musical genres.
Attending all sorts of performances catering for many different audiences,  I can take a shrewd guess as to who will attend with a broad degree of accuracy. The ROHM has avoided exclusivity.  That is one of it’s great unsung achievements
540481To say that you have been to a performance at the ROHM does not single you out as a certain kind of person from one of the upper middle class categories. All it says is that there is a kind of music you like.
The name of the musical group at this concert. Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club gives you much information and an overall impression, which is accurate. Music is something you enjoy. But it requires skill to both play and enjoy any instrument. What highly impressed on this occasion everyone was committed to enjoy themselves. But with great skill born not only of talent but with a strong search for excellence.
It was certainly a good choice for the end of the year. It showed a commitment to excellent music of all types becoming of relevance not only to those who live in Oman but those who visit it in increasing numbers.
If you don’t visit ROHM at least once in your visit you have really missed something important.
Happy New Year to all at ROHM.
— Photo credit: Khalid Al Busaidi, ROHM.