Moderation can bring brighter days for all of us

Monday 28th, December 2015 / 21:44 Written by

By Ali Ahmed Al riyami — We’re living in an age where the unimaginable has become imaginable, where ‘man’s technology has surpassed its humanity’, where we have become subjugated by the very things that were supposed to set us free, where we do little else but follow our own desires, or what we think is desirable, and in so doing we miss the very essence of life itself.
This may all seem to be too far-fetched and yet it is so because we’ve become
caught up in dreams, ideals and desires
that are not in themselves perverted, but become so when they become the only things that matter — a ‘piece of the pie’ must be had no matter at what cost and no matter
how many infringements have to be made in doing so.
While we readily berate the misgivings of others, we are all too comfortable at overlooking our own faults and shortfalls; whither the philosophy that teaches ‘do unto others that which you would have done to yourself’. It seems to be almost an archaic teaching that
only a few can fathom and fewer still can put in to practice.
While there are many who can understand its poignancy, not that many make it a part of their everyday lives.
After lesson upon lesson, age after age,
era after era, we still return to ways of
bigotry, selfishness, wanton misunderstanding and senseless hate and misrepresentation.
Why is this so? Is the question we should all be asking.
And if any bright spark should emerge
with a dream of improving the status quo, it is snuffed out quicker than a lighted candle facing a breeze.
For how long can the world survive when the best of us aren’t given the best chance to succeed, when lust and greed surpass contentedness and satisfaction and where peace and love is overtaken by lies and deception? We seem to be stuck in limbo land, where even noble efforts fizzle away and where the undesirable becomes desirable.
How long can this seemingly perpetual state of disarray continue and for how long can we endure?
It is said that hope is the last thing we lose, for without it we lose faith in a better, brighter tomorrow.
‘Hope lies eternal in the breast of man’ and as long as we can go on hoping that things will eventually turn out for the better then we can carry on regardless.
It is this blessing that allows even the most impoverished of people to carry on in life’s struggle.
Their humility and humbleness in the face of adversity put many, who are in a far better position in life, to shame.
We all need to remind ourselves of how well life has treated us and, in so doing, we must count our blessings.
If you look down rather than up, it
becomes very apparent that you are much
more fortunate then you would otherwise consider.
This is why, then, we need to be thankful for what we have, rather than being regretful over what we don’t.
Choice is nearly always an option and
we can choose to be satisfied with our lot, whilst at the same time seeking and praying
for a better future — blessed is he who has
found contentment — or we can go on struggling like a dog chasing its own tail, that is to say running around in circles and reaching nowhere.
Ambition in the right degree is worthy, whereas over ambitiousness can result in dire consequences.
Moderation is the key and with it comes all the ingredients necessary to live a happy and contented life.