Majlis Ash’shura’s environment and health committee holds meeting

Wednesday 30th, December 2015 / 22:53 Written by
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Majlis Ash’shura’s environment and health committee holds meeting

MUSCAT: Majlis Ash’shura Health and Environment Committee on Wednesday held its fourth meeting of its annual session (2015/2016) of the 8th term (2015/2019) under the chairmanship of Ali bin Khalfan al Qatiti, Head of the Committee. The committee discussed the importance of caring for autism patients, especially members of the committee came to know that the Ministry of Social Development will stop its services provided to autism children. The Committee believes that we should consider this decision very carefully as it will have social and health effects on autism patients and their families which need more care than provided to them now.
The members also discussed the draft report on the study conducted by the committee in response to a complaint by one of the citizens about the construction of an ammonia plant near the residential area in Raysut.
The Committee approved the executive tables for its work plan during the current annual session, which includes organisations that will be hosted as part of the Committee’s revision of the Environment Protection and Pollution Combating Law issued by the Royal Decree No. 114/2001 and the study of the draft law on the rights of patients. — ONA