Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan dotted with historic sites

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Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan dotted with historic sites

The Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan (JBBH) in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah is very rich in archeological, historic, tourism and sites. The Wilayat of GBBH, about 300 km from Muscat, is one of the most fertile wilayat in South A’Sharqiyah. It is known for abundant of water as it is connected by the wadis from the wilayats of Ibra, al Qabil, Bidiyah and Wadi Bani Khalid. Many development projects were implemented in the wilaya that have many coastal villages known for their charming beaches  —  Qaroon, Gadima, Al Aqra, Al Hadd, Jasheer, Qaheed and Al Juwaira. These villages are known for catching sardine, coffer, king fish, shark and other fish species as well.
Fishing is the main source of income for most of these villages.
The number of registered fishermen in Qaroon coastal village stands at 700.
The wilaya has also a number of sand villages the most prominent of which is Al Tahaiem,which is 80 km west of the wilaya centre. The villagers in these sand villages make their living for rearing camels and cattle. Al Reem Desert Camp is about 9km from the wilaya centre.
The camp, which receives tourists from inside and outside the Sultanate, showcases the various elements of the
Bedouin life. One of the most tourist attraction in the wilaya is ‘Qahwan’ Mountain and it has a rock part which is the only prominent rock part in the Sultanate.
The mountain hosts a large number of the Arabian ‘Tuhr’ as it provides these animals with abundant plants, shelter and 36 water sources, such as springs and wadis.
In a bid to protect the ecosystems and the natural features, ‘Qahwan’ Mountain has been declared a natural sanctuary by the Royal Decree . Most residents of the wilaya live on agriculture, especially planting different types of date palm, mango, lemon, banana, guava, grapes, and pomegranate. The wilaya is also known for a number of industries, such as gold, silver, halwa, clay, leather, weaving, fishing nets and fronds. JBBH has about 40 old mosques, in addition to military towers, historic boundary and Aflaj. ONA
It has 9 castles and 14 forts, in addition to a number of surveillance towers.

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