Indian start-up launches smartwatch built on Microsoft Azure

Saturday 19th, December 2015 / 19:55 Written by
Indian start-up launches smartwatch built on Microsoft Azure

Smartwatch market in the country has got a new player — Hug Innovations, an Indian technology start-up. The company has launched its gesture control-enabled Hug Smartwatch. The smartwatch is built on the Microsoft Azure platform and is designed to help users control their gadgets with motion of hands. The company claims that Hug is the first Gesture Control Smartwatch in the world to integrate and customer experience in virtual reality with the Oculus Rift.
The smartwatch allows users to make calls, track physical activity and nutrition, play music and find devices. Personal Safety is another key highlight of Hug with security features, such as an SOS button, continuous heart rate monitoring, fatigue detection ensuring personal safety for consumers.
The feature can be further enhanced by adding gesture based security feature which can also interpret a hand gesture as sign of trouble for situations.
Raj Neravati, founder and CEO, Hug Innovations said, ‘At Hug Innovations, we constantly endeavour to bridge the gap between humans and technology through our wearable technology products. By embracing our products, one can experience technology that is relevant, meaningful and easy to adapt. Through this new wearable technology, we aim to provide our consumers a touch free experience while interacting with devices, helping make their lives simpler.’
The smartwatch uses proprietary algorithms that fuse data from high-rResolution 9 axis IMU (3Axis Accelerometer-3AxisGyroscope -3Axis Magnetometer) sensors. With a 1.6-inch, 240×240 pixels, transflective LCD display protected by Asahi Glass, runs on the Nucleus RTOS operating system, based on the MediaTek MT2502C system-on-chip. The Hug smartwatch is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows devices and uses standard Bluetooth 4.0 connection to pair with devices. It comes with 2GB built-in storage and 128MB RAM.