Enthralled with Zanzibar

Saturday 21st, November 2015 / 13:49 Written by
Enthralled with Zanzibar

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Sabrina Kazi of Muscat, Oman rode a traditional dhow rebelling against choppy waters to discover an astounding beach off the coast of Zanzibar. Featured on our Weekend magazine last week, read her story below:


The Author copyTravelling is my passion and photography helps me capture and relive my travel moments.

In my first trip to Zanzibar, I joined 30 new friends on a couple of traditional dhow’s (local fishing boats) sailing out to the sand dunes just off the coast of the island for brunch.

Sailing on small boats on choppy waters can be scary to others but for me, it was an absolute delight. I love the sea.

Reaching our destination, my breath was taken away. Before me laid the most beautiful white sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In a distance, the sky met the ocean and it was amazing.

We got off the boat and were welcomed with fresh fruits along with grilled seafood. Just staring at the view before us was fantastically relaxing.

After lunch and spending some more time at the sand dune, we hauled ourselves back on the dhows to head back to Stone Town. Back on the island, we stopped for a bit of shopping and sight-seeing in the historical city before travelling back to our hotel.

Needless to say, I was very tired and totally wiped out by the time I got back to my room. Despite that, I found the whole experience worth it. Zanzibar is nature’s beauty at its best!



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