Avegant’s Glyph video headset set to ship in Jan

Saturday 19th, December 2015 / 19:59 Written by
Avegant’s Glyph video headset set to ship in Jan

The technology company Avegant announced last week that over 10,000 units of its flagship product, a headset aimed for movie lovers called the Glyph, will start shipping to its Kick-starter backers, followed by customers who pre-ordered the device, starting in January 2016. The headset is then expected to hit select retail stores in the US and China throughout next year. Avegant’s Glyph previously was introduced as part of a Kick-starter campaign that raised $1.5 million since January 2014. Now, nearly two years after its campaign launch, the device is finally making its way to the hands of consumers.
Glyph looks like a virtual reality headset, featuring both goggle and headphone components, but this is not a VR device. Instead, Glyph is essentially a personal movie theatre headset that makes the viewer feel like they are sitting at the best seat in the house in their very own cinema. ‘The Glyph is distinctly not VR, yet you can completely enjoy the feeling of an immersive experience without shutting out the rest of the world around you,’ Avegant CEO Joerg Tewes said in a press release. ‘Glyph is a personal media device providing users the ability to enjoy long-form content, be it 2D or 3D, in rich detail, with amazing studio-quality sound and support for head tracking and surround sound, which can be experienced using base line video playback apps, or, for a fuller experience, the JauntVR player.’